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Burj Ibra Trading was founded in 1993 in the governorate of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman by Mr. Abdullah Khalfan Ahmed Al-Ruzeiqi. Started its business activities with a simple commercial for the sale of sewing tools in Ibra until it became today "Ibra Dreams for shopping".

البشرية وشركة برج ابراء للتجارة تاسست في عام ١٩٩٣ في محافظة مسقط بسلطنة عمان لمؤسسها عبدالله بن خلفان بن أحمد الرزيقي ، وبدأت أنشطتها التجارية آنذاك بمحل تجاري بسيط لبيع أدوات الخياطة في ولاية إبراء حتى أصبح مسماه اليوم أحلام إبراء للتسوق ، بوجود كوادر عمانية


Our services catered in different areas of specializations to offer you good services.

Eye Treatment
in Russia

Under the agreement with the Institute of Fedorov of Ophthalmology and Surgery in the Russian Federation (Moscow),... read more

Al Manal
Real Estate

Al Manal Real Estate and through its excellent relations with various real estate offices in the governorates of the Sultanate... read more

Occassion Services

A trusted name to provide the following services
in the various governorates of the Sultanate... read more


Through international trade we provide logistical support and information to investors in and outside the Sultanate... read more

Double Click Graphics Design

We Provide technical support in the field of graphic design and the identification of public and private institutions and highlighted through the design and implementation of all related publications... read more

Ibra Dreams

Ibra Dream Shopping located opposite to the Wednesday Market in Ibra contributes in providing the luxuries... read more

Medical and
Tourism Visa

Ibra Event specialized for events and exhibitions manpower resources to meet the high demand of quality service... read more

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